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description:EuroLeague is the highest level of club basketball competition in Europe. It was established in 2000 according to the model of a private institution, breaking through the business model of all European sports leagues at that time. The league includes 24 clubs from at least 12 countries every season, and crowns the champion team in the Final Four every spring. Basketball has developed significantly in Europe in recent years and has grown together with the European Basketball League. EuroLeague solidified the highest level of sports competition within 5 years, and then introduced the concept of commercial sports league to Europe. In addition, the TV broadcast of the EuroLeague went beyond Europe. In the 2004-05 season, about 98.7% of the EuroBasket games were televised in Africa, the Middle East, North America and South America....
2023-11-29 Wednesday
2023-11-25 Saturday
2023-11-24 Friday
2023-11-18 Saturday
2023-11-17 Friday
2023-11-16 Thursday
2023-11-15 Wednesday
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